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salam~fheeww..hello to everyone out there. i am back to write (again).hehee~ouh, my last post is dated back at 25th July 09?wow, that is a very long hiatus (i can’y believe it is May already~almost a year!) time goes by without we even noticed…well..looking back at it, they are very meaningful months for me .. ^_^~lots of things happened and lots of new people (exciting new people i can say)  i’ve met during the months i’ve been gone (here)..i also went to many places, did some stuffs, gained some position(s) in the office and don’t forget, tonnes of works here and there, done~fear not, i am still me.. :)..


well..there is some fun in writing things and i can really feel that while i’m here..and luckily i just found some time to post at least something here..ouh~there’s one thing that really excites me this month, at last i can see my own design in a tv-series. yeahuu~! (Magika has to wait a little bit longer than i expected-since they will release it on Hari Raya)..for those who read this, on 31st May 2010 = Monday at 9pm, please switch on to TV3, they will be showing Arjuna, a new tv-series..well, i’ll concede a bit of spoiler is more like magical + adventure + silat kind of things…the reason to watch it = i designed most of the props used in the series..hehe..please watch!! ^_^ <—so excited! :p

ah~it is exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to 5.45pm. i’m out now~will be posting again later! salam~


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