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salam and hello~i wanted to start blogging every week and i am trying hard to keep to it~hee. today is my fist ever paid leave since i started working as a lecturer 7 months ago. i just stayed at home and spent my time in front of my PC – surfing and gaming. then i cleaned up my room, re-organized my wardrobe and ate my lunch at 5pm.haha. i know that is very late but that is an attempt to save some money so i don’t have to eat for dinner. well..u must know, recession…but all in all. i am fully rested and gearing up for work tomorrow..(sigh~not many people take a leave in the middle of the week)..o yeah~i also managed to re-organized my DVDs. i ran out of space to place new ones. (so i think i hav to buy a new rack or sumthing)-these are my precious collections and counting..obviously (chuckles~)

dvds and 23 inch

dvds and 23 inch

here, take a look at them. these are a varieties – most ’em are in English, there is also Japanese (of course) and not forgetting, Russian, Korean and Chinese~hehe..what i like or want, when i buy a dvd is a quality pictures and sound (apart from story). i am really into movies, so i bought my rig or PC to satisfy my needs and requirement for movie-watching~hehe. this is for my own self-satisfactory~



more dvds

more dvds

this is the kind of hobby that i hav and i like it~hehe.. some of the movies here i even watched it more than once. yes i do agree its cost me some amount of money but, since i don’t smoke, why don’t i use that ‘cigarette money’ to buy these instead?~haha. i already have savings, dvds are  in my monthly spending list. (so does movie tickets~) ^_^v

dvds afterwards

dvds afterwards



heres a brief list of current sets of dvds that i have. i am not really very specific in certain type of movie, sumtimes i love it because of the stories,  sumtimes i like the director, sumtimes because of actor or actress, the weirdness of the story, but sumtimes it may be a simple type of story but with deep meanings here and there.^_^


  • Gladiator
  • Troy
  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • The Truman Show
  • Fight Club
  • Enemy of the State
  • Sin City
  • Silent Hill
  • Stardust
  • Inside Man
  • I,Robot
  • Sweeney Todd , The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street
  • Terminator 2 : The Judgment Day
  • Shooter
  • Smart People
  • MI : 3
  • Shooter
  • The Fast and The Furious Trilogy
  • The Pirates of the Carribean Trilogy
  • Hitman
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Ironman
  • Death Race
  • Transformers
  • Speed Racer
  • Total Recall
  • The Fugitive
  • The Dark Knight
  • Hellboy
  • Predator
  • Yes Man


  • Night Watch
  • Day Watch


  • Shinobi
  • Crows Zero
  • The Taste of  Tea
  • 2oth Century Boys


  • Innocent Steps
  • Love Me Not
  • My Sassy Girl


  • Red Cliff
  • Red Cliff 2

yosh~i can say that is a brief..woah i still got so many i wanted to buy like, the Bourne trilogy, Lord of The Ring trilogy, The Matrix trilogy, [REC], Batman Begins, Schindlers List, Saving Private Ryan, Casshern, this, that, those and many more~! ( i wish i have more money to spend~sigh) eh – already 12.30 am? i got to sleep-(at least 6 hours, to ensure my youthful looks stay as it is). good nite, oyasumi and see ya~! ^_^



  z wrote @

Wow! you got ‘Sin City’??! That’s a huge collections of DVDs that you have…

  rifasha wrote @

huge? im planning to buy more~! haha. Sin City is one of my personal fav. its not just a muvi, it is a work of art~ ^_^v

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