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5 brand that you like the most

  • Nike
  • Faber-Castell
  • Sony
  • Toyota
  • Yoshinoya

haha-it’s hard to choose from but i think this is the best 5 for me-based on overall and my 25 years of living..^_^


5 brand that you dislike the most

  • Figo
  • Ambros
  • Kronos
  • Forest
  • Power

firstly-they are copycats and secondly-low quality~~

5 countries that you want to go

  • Japan
  • Spain
  • England
  • Korea
  • New Zealand

already went to Spain but still, i want to go over there again..and of course Japan is my no.1 without question!! ~

5 countries that you do not want to go

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Fiji
  • Togo
  • Cote d Ivoire
  • Guam

i don’t really have a specific reason why i don’t wanna go there~hehe

5 item that you like the most

  • Nissan Skyline
  • Japanese Tea House
  • Sweaters
  • Shoes
  • PC
they complete me..^_^v

5 item that you dislike

  • plastic fork
  • super glue
  • cigarette
  • scientific calculator
  • bubble jet printer
man..i really do hate bubble jet printers-and- scientific calculator (cuz i am not so scien-teriffic)haha..sorry

5 people that you love the most

  • father
  • mother
  • brother
  • wife
  • friends

5 people that you hate the most

  • Abdul Razak Mohaideen
  • William Hung
  • Sean Kingston
  • Sean Combs
  • Rajinikanth

hahaha~Rajinikanth is untouchable and he can beat dozens of people without having a single scratch on his shirt..hate him~! ^o^

5 color that you like the most

  • black
  • red
  • pink
  • dark green
  • maroon

ouh~this is so simple!

5 color that you dislike the most?

  • light brown
  • orange fluorescent
  • yellow
  • bright green
  • gold

quite simple too~!

5 things that you dream the most

  • rich
  • own a farm house
  • well known
  • successfull
  • a wife
uuu~suddenly there is a farm house in the middle-haha..but i really do want a farm house in England!!

5 things that you not dream at all

  • a house on Mars
  • having Adamantium claws
  • breath in water
  • disabled
  • 4 wives

naaah~absolutely i cannot have 4 wives-it will be a total disaster~ okay, neeexxt~!

5 of your positive character

  • cool
  • relax
  • no hard feeling
  • a giver
  • patient

ouh-‘positive’ is a character too~remember, patience is a virtue!

5 of your negative character

  • handsome
  • no feelings
  • silence
  • unpredictable
  • not giving straight answer

eh-i think this might turns into good things as well if you think positively~haha

5 moments that you miss the most

  • Spain 2006 trip
  • primary school
  • studio
  • final year in university
  • able to talk
i dont remember when exactly i started to talk and thats why i miss it-huhu..

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all

  • err..i forgot..ermm..darn it~i cant remember since i do not want to remember them.
whats with this question?

5 positive characters of your best buddy

  • outgoing
  • funny
  • adorable
  • handful
  • talkative

if you have one of this, then you are my best buddy oke~! ^_^v

5 negative characters of your best buddy

  • lots of questions
  • ignorance
  • sleepy
  • overweight
  • negative

and if you also have one of these, you are my best buddy too!! ^o^

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)

  • final year design thesis
  • football
  • breath
  • draw
  • naked

im not sure of how do i feel if getting naked for most of my life, but i think its kinda cool and sexy~!hahaha

5 things that you regret the most

  • saying the right thing at the right moment
  • being at the right place at the right moment
  • doing the right thing at the right moment
  • not studying all-out for SPM
  • not finishing my breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper
my mom will scold me if i dont finish my meal~huhu
okay~its finished! happy end of April guys~ v(^_^)v


  huhu wrote @

happy ‘pekerja’ day! tq 4 sharing cuz it is the sign of caring. anyway enjoy reading ur blogs.

  rossa wrote @

Love Japan so much huh? Then I bet u must have a Japanese name rite? Anyway, really love ur blog! keep update ya..hehe…

  NeEM wrote @


Tak tahan.

  RD wrote @


ur blog is awarded and u are tagged. come and claim the award at

sory tag ko.hihi

  cik chummie wrote @

very straight to the point…ane very iqbal..baca bloq ebal….memang terasa itu adalah ebal..hehehe

  fndrocka wrote @

banyak nak suh kau cerita pasal lost…huhu.sebab aku tak follow secara istiqMAH.

  rifasha wrote @

sila2 tanya. setiap soalan akan dijawab secara terperinci~hehe

  fndrocka wrote @

aku tak tahu maybe sebab aku tggal byk episod..jadi harap kau jawablah tanpa suruh aku pi tgk dulu.huhu

jawab yng ni k..kalau aku curious lagi baru aku tanya lebih lanjut

sapa yang cipta bilik bawah tanah tu..dan apa fungsinya.

  awaktahusiapa wrote @

5 positive characters of your best buddy

* outgoing
* funny
* adorable
* handful
* talkative
(ish cakap pasal saya ye?)
:p hehehe sila buang best buddy dan ganti dgn benda lain ye.

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