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yeah~im back! well..Monday is supposed to be a productive day of the week, follwed by Tuesday and Wednesday. waah~i can’t wait for Wednesday! there are three (currently) reasons why i can’t wait for Wednesday to come, 1stly, it is Arsenal vs Man Utd-Champs League match..i hope Arsenal can get some decent result over there and go all the way to bring that silverware home! Go Arsenal~! 2ndly, Wolverine is out~! i have waited so long for this to come..i have to watch it no matter what! Wolverine~snktt~and lastly, it is the end of the month~~and everybody knows what does that means..hehehe..$$$$

oh hey~..this entry is somehow related to the first post~this are taken from various places and spaces where ive been at least is hard-actually to snap the pics ive taken-cuz some of the things are for public (i think all of the are)..heck~nothing can stop me from sharing this with u guys~(sharing IS caring)haha~



whats so se-pecial about your roti john? (it is cooked by m.nasir maybe) ^_^



this one opted to go far from distance of advertising~Black Papper Source? they actually sold food source from paper~hahaha



maybe they are short of supply for ‘K’ font~”xcuse me, may i have a look at that ‘bacpac’?”hehe~



lamanate?what kind of service is this? how does it related to laser printing?umm-maybe they sell lemonade..^_^v~



well~i must say that some peeple are too excited about sumthing-and it looked unfinishd..adding ‘R’ won’t require much from me~hehe

ash deposit

ash deposit

this is the latest~not that i just noticed but this is a better shot than the previous one i took~if you got some ashes and you don’t know where to store them, just use this ‘ash deposit’ machine instead~(that guy must have a lot of ashes in his pocket) v^_^v



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  NeEM wrote @

Nasib baik tak Ass Deposit.

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