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recap + backdated = current

salam~fheeww..hello to everyone out there. i am back to write (again).hehee~ouh, my last post is dated back at 25th July 09?wow, that is a very long hiatus (i can’y believe it is May already~almost a year!) time goes by without we even noticed…well..looking back at it, they are very meaningful months for me .. ^_^~lots of things happened and lots of new people (exciting new people i can say)  i’ve met during the months i’ve been gone (here)..i also went to many places, did some stuffs, gained some position(s) in the office and don’t forget, tonnes of works here and there, done~fear not, i am still me.. :)..


well..there is some fun in writing things and i can really feel that while i’m here..and luckily i just found some time to post at least something here..ouh~there’s one thing that really excites me this month, at last i can see my own design in a tv-series. yeahuu~! (Magika has to wait a little bit longer than i expected-since they will release it on Hari Raya)..for those who read this, on 31st May 2010 = Monday at 9pm, please switch on to TV3, they will be showing Arjuna, a new tv-series..well, i’ll concede a bit of spoiler is more like magical + adventure + silat kind of things…the reason to watch it = i designed most of the props used in the series..hehe..please watch!! ^_^ <—so excited! :p

ah~it is exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes to 5.45pm. i’m out now~will be posting again later! salam~


dance + cultural = japanese i already mentioned in my previous entry, it is very hard to keep blogging every week~the least i can do is keep on posting an entry a month (at least)..hehehe..can’t imagine it has already been a month since my last post here.ngeee~well, umm..for the past few weeks, i have been quite busy-or been to many places and meeting new bunch of cool and nice peoples~and that excites me.hihi~usually i am not really good in meeting and blend in with new people, but at some time, that has to change for a better things ahead of us, doesnt it? above all, they all are a cool people (and thats including me~yeah)haha..

college things also been doing great, we have established the Landscape Society for the Landscape Department, we got our own library for students references and book with magazines, we fixed our indoor fountain and put in some greenery with the help of  indoor plants (mine is RM40, okay~). a planned trip to Penang next month and a lot more to come! eh~i got over excited over sumthing else-sorry~this entry is actually about my last week trip to 33rd Bon Odori Festival in Shah Alam. i’ve heard about the festival for some years now but i havent got the excitement to go and experience it yet. but this time around, we managed to get there, experience and enjoy it~!yeaayy~at last! ouh, before i proceed, Bon Odori is actually a festival celebrated every year in Japan, celebrated as a reminder and grateful towards anchestors but in Malaysia, it is celebrated to promote Japanese culture and it is of course more to cultural festival (unlike in Japan where it is celebrated more to spritualism). Bon Odori = Bon Dance. okay, got it? good~

people at places

people at places

we went there on Saturday at 6pm more or less. we dunno wut to expect since we never been to anything like this before. we saw a lot of people wearing kimonos and yukatas. wah-im in Japan already~kawaii desu~ouh next year we must have one for each~yeah! then we wandering around, theres a people distributing uchiya fans. after we went onto the field, there is a stage tied with lanterns and on top of it they placed a drum and theres a group of people getting ready to perform sumthing. o yeah, the stage is called ‘yagura’ if im not mistaken. a lot of people gather aroung the yagura and we sensed theres sumthing gonna happen very soon.heee~they played the drum and the kimono-wearing people or the dancers started to dance. the people around the stage started to follow the steps, proceeds counter clockwise, sumtimes inwards and outwards, throw their hands in the air. after one session ends, all clapped their hands and start waving the uchiya fans~waaaa..this is a very nice scene~







a lot of

a lot of



bon odori 09

bon odori 09

after a while, we got tired and we went for drink and food, not surprising, all the stalls are stuffed with Japanese-people, drink and food~hee. we dont really tot of eating and buy a drinks and fruit instead (oh and a baloon)..then we sat on the field and watch the dance and drums..people are increasing in numbers and when before the event ends, we went home early since we dun wanna stuck in any jams (strawberry and pineapple jams also included)~fuuuh..what a day. went for dinner and then went home.. tiring, dusty, hectic, claustrophobic, sweaty but fun, quality time and invaluable experience~surely we’ll be there again next year!~ 34th Bon Odori~

collect + hobby = current

salam and hello~i wanted to start blogging every week and i am trying hard to keep to it~hee. today is my fist ever paid leave since i started working as a lecturer 7 months ago. i just stayed at home and spent my time in front of my PC – surfing and gaming. then i cleaned up my room, re-organized my wardrobe and ate my lunch at 5pm.haha. i know that is very late but that is an attempt to save some money so i don’t have to eat for dinner. well..u must know, recession…but all in all. i am fully rested and gearing up for work tomorrow..(sigh~not many people take a leave in the middle of the week)..o yeah~i also managed to re-organized my DVDs. i ran out of space to place new ones. (so i think i hav to buy a new rack or sumthing)-these are my precious collections and counting..obviously (chuckles~)

dvds and 23 inch

dvds and 23 inch

here, take a look at them. these are a varieties – most ’em are in English, there is also Japanese (of course) and not forgetting, Russian, Korean and Chinese~hehe..what i like or want, when i buy a dvd is a quality pictures and sound (apart from story). i am really into movies, so i bought my rig or PC to satisfy my needs and requirement for movie-watching~hehe. this is for my own self-satisfactory~



more dvds

more dvds

this is the kind of hobby that i hav and i like it~hehe.. some of the movies here i even watched it more than once. yes i do agree its cost me some amount of money but, since i don’t smoke, why don’t i use that ‘cigarette money’ to buy these instead?~haha. i already have savings, dvds are  in my monthly spending list. (so does movie tickets~) ^_^v

dvds afterwards

dvds afterwards



heres a brief list of current sets of dvds that i have. i am not really very specific in certain type of movie, sumtimes i love it because of the stories,  sumtimes i like the director, sumtimes because of actor or actress, the weirdness of the story, but sumtimes it may be a simple type of story but with deep meanings here and there.^_^


  • Gladiator
  • Troy
  • Kingdom of Heaven
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • The Truman Show
  • Fight Club
  • Enemy of the State
  • Sin City
  • Silent Hill
  • Stardust
  • Inside Man
  • I,Robot
  • Sweeney Todd , The Demon Barber of the Fleet Street
  • Terminator 2 : The Judgment Day
  • Shooter
  • Smart People
  • MI : 3
  • Shooter
  • The Fast and The Furious Trilogy
  • The Pirates of the Carribean Trilogy
  • Hitman
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Ironman
  • Death Race
  • Transformers
  • Speed Racer
  • Total Recall
  • The Fugitive
  • The Dark Knight
  • Hellboy
  • Predator
  • Yes Man


  • Night Watch
  • Day Watch


  • Shinobi
  • Crows Zero
  • The Taste of  Tea
  • 2oth Century Boys


  • Innocent Steps
  • Love Me Not
  • My Sassy Girl


  • Red Cliff
  • Red Cliff 2

yosh~i can say that is a brief..woah i still got so many i wanted to buy like, the Bourne trilogy, Lord of The Ring trilogy, The Matrix trilogy, [REC], Batman Begins, Schindlers List, Saving Private Ryan, Casshern, this, that, those and many more~! ( i wish i have more money to spend~sigh) eh – already 12.30 am? i got to sleep-(at least 6 hours, to ensure my youthful looks stay as it is). good nite, oyasumi and see ya~! ^_^

days + future = past



15 years ago, I:

1_ was 9 years old
2_ managed to speak fluently in ‘Kedah’s accent’ after 2 years residing in Kedah
3_ got a little brother eventho i was expecting a little sister – but i am a cool big bro anyway~^_^
4_ got hit by a hockey ball in my left eye (and were prevented from playing hockey after that – by my mom)

5_ went to Kelantan for the first time on a school trip (now im wondering, why Kelantan?)

10 years ago, I:

1_ was 14 years old and going 15
2_ am a successful left-wing hockey player for the school (sorry mom, let me  play since i am very good at    it-hehee)
3_ am busy with the upcoming PMR (or pretending to be busy)
4_ got hit 20 times for the things i didn’t do by Cikgu Zakaria (clench fist~)
5_ was forced to swim in a dirty small pond for being late for evening sports (he and it was cold~!)

5 years ago, I:

1_  was 19 and going through the second semester of 1st year in  Landscape Architecture
2_  am still not sure what am i doing in LA dept (sigh~)
3_  got A- for design studio and got a massive self-confidence since then
4_  started to gel and blend in with the people around me  (nice people~)
5_  had ups and downs in love (who hasn’t?)

2 years ago, I:

1_  was 22 and finishing my Design Thesis in my final years
2_  was single and giving my all-out for thesis (i want a solid A)
3_  was teasing people here and there in the studio (since there won’t be anymore studio after this)
4_  started to work even tho i still have a class and tastes the LA world
5_  graduated with butterfly in my stomach and officially a (hot) Bachelor (thanks to mom and dad~)

1 year ago, I:

1_  was a Junior Landscape Architect and meet a lot of new people (i love meeting new people)
2_  decided to quit because of some problems and some other things (i am sorry madam)
3_  took a job that really tests my patience, dicipline and my skills of communication (job description – tahan maki)
4_  knew a girl goes by a codename ‘YUNA’ (oh my Yuna~)
5_  quit the ‘job’ and been unemployed for the next three month including Ramadhan and Syawal (what a holiday~!)

6 months ago, I:

1_  already working as a lecturer for 2 months in a private college
2_  meet new sets(?) of people again and feeling good to teach (i never knew i like teaching)
3_  fell in love with Yuna’s songs (especially ‘After Midnight’)
4_  am 24 (still) and feel good with the job evetho it has ups and downs (who hasn’t?)
5_  am going to attend a lots of close friends’ weddings (congrats~!)

Yesterday, I:

1_  was at home the whole day (i am a good boy)
2_  was in front of my PC all the time watching DVD (i like my new PC~^_^)
3_  had an eye to eye talk with my split personality (i am still with my desicion~!)
4_  won the World Cup 2016 with England team (playing Football Manager 2009)
5_  decided to stay single for another year (after a close discussion with my split personality-again)

Today, I

1_  planned some works and student stuff and ate nasi lemak with teh’o for breakfast
2_  discovered that i havent read the Architecture Malaysia mag that i bought last 2 weeks
3_  finalizing the subject schedule including my own (i have to teach 30 credit hours~!)
4_  i slept at 3am this morning and wake up fresh at 6.30am (amazing-this is rarely happen since i usually sleepy in Monday morning)
5_  wish i can finish downloading LOST season 5 in HD (yeah~!)

Tomorrow, I

1_  might sell something at (because i need some money)
2_  might call TGV or IMAX to make an inquiry about Transformers 2 ticket and show time
3_  want to apply for a leave on this coming 24th June~ (T-RoTF)
4_  will start watching X-Files season finale DVD (at last~!)
5_  will scold some students for sure (i like~)

tanda + sepuluh = saya

saya telah ditanda oleh dua orang rakan yang bernama Ardi & Aida. jadi saya terpaksa buat juga tanpa kerelaan. oh ya-ini juga kemasukan Bahasa Melayu saya yang pertama didalam belog ini. minta tunjuk ajar ya~!

award1. copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

2. nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini:


  1.  selalu memberi saya mencuri gambar-gambar anak saudaranya yang comel-comel. (kadangkala tanpa disedarinya juga saya curi)
  2. apabila saya memasuki kelas Bahasa Inggeris Tingkat 4 di Matrikulasi UIA, saya ingatkan dia seorang Cina.
  3. mempunyai ramai peminat dari golongan wanita, tetapi apabila saya minta seorang, dia tidak mahu beri.
  4. tanya sahaja nama Ardi di KAED, semua orang akan kenal kerana beliau dikenali ramai. (mungkin banyak masalah disiplin agaknya)
  5. dia juga adalah salah seorang yang menyokong industri muzik tempatan Malaysia, walaupun dia berasal dari Mozambique.


  1. mampu bercakap pada kelajuan 110km/j yakni bersamaan dengan had laju lebuhraya PLUS. (tapi dia hanya boleh bawa kereta auto)
  2. dia sangat menyukai Micheal Jackson tetapi tidak tahu yang Micheal Jackson itu tidak mengenali dia pun. 
  3. saya pernah meminta cerita Meet Joe Black daripadanya, tetapi dia tidak mahu beri pinjam langsung. 
  4. saya rasa dia seorang yang pandai dan panas tetapi apabila dia pergi belajar di Australia, dia menjadi seorang yang pendek.
  5. dia amat bangga menjadi orang Kuantan tetapi saya tidak tahu pula adakah Kuantan bangga dengan penduduk seperti dia.

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya:



  1. saya menyukai bolasepak dan menyokong pasukan Arsenal dan bercita-cita ingin menjadi pembantu Arsene Wenger.
  2. saya menyukai Yunalis Zarai kerana suara dia sangat sedap dan saya dapati perempuan bermain gitar adalah sangat sejuk.
  3. telefon bimbit saya masih rosak dan saya masih tidak tahu telefon bimbit apa yang harus saya beli. 
  4. saya sangat suka menonton cerita di wayang atau DVD dan tidak gemar apabila seseorang mengambil DVD saya tanpa pengetahuan saya.
  5. 9 orang daripada 10 orang yang baru saya jumpa akan cakap saya berketurunan Arab walaupun saya berketurunan Jepun dan Sepanyol.
  6. saya menyukai pelakon Edward Norton, tetapi tahukah anda bahawa Edward Norton bukanlah pencipta Norton anti-virus?
  7. emak saya mahu saya berkahwin pada umur 27 tahun tetapi saya belum pasti tentang itu sebab sekarang saya baru berumur 24 tahun
  8. jikalau anda masih keliru tentang siri televisyen ‘LOST’, anda boleh bertanya dengan saya sebab saya sangat hebat tentang ‘LOST’.
  9. saya mendapati yang saya suka mengajar, terutama sekali mengajar grafik dan rekabentuk daripada peringkat asas hingga peringkat graduasi.
  10. tiba-tiba saya teringin makan sushi, jadi esok saya bercadang ingin makan sushi setelah selesai menonton Angels & Demons di KLCC.


4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe tentang mereka:

apa?sepuluh orang?  begini sajalah-kepada sesiapa yang membaca kemasukan ‘tanda + sepuluh = saya’  ini, anda telah di tanda! sila pastikan anda lakukan perkara yang sama ya~ha itulah, baca lagi, kan sudah kena~ v^_^v

five + variable = me






5 brand that you like the most

  • Nike
  • Faber-Castell
  • Sony
  • Toyota
  • Yoshinoya

haha-it’s hard to choose from but i think this is the best 5 for me-based on overall and my 25 years of living..^_^


5 brand that you dislike the most

  • Figo
  • Ambros
  • Kronos
  • Forest
  • Power

firstly-they are copycats and secondly-low quality~~

5 countries that you want to go

  • Japan
  • Spain
  • England
  • Korea
  • New Zealand

already went to Spain but still, i want to go over there again..and of course Japan is my no.1 without question!! ~

5 countries that you do not want to go

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Fiji
  • Togo
  • Cote d Ivoire
  • Guam

i don’t really have a specific reason why i don’t wanna go there~hehe

5 item that you like the most

  • Nissan Skyline
  • Japanese Tea House
  • Sweaters
  • Shoes
  • PC
they complete me..^_^v

5 item that you dislike

  • plastic fork
  • super glue
  • cigarette
  • scientific calculator
  • bubble jet printer
man..i really do hate bubble jet printers-and- scientific calculator (cuz i am not so scien-teriffic)haha..sorry

5 people that you love the most

  • father
  • mother
  • brother
  • wife
  • friends

5 people that you hate the most

  • Abdul Razak Mohaideen
  • William Hung
  • Sean Kingston
  • Sean Combs
  • Rajinikanth

hahaha~Rajinikanth is untouchable and he can beat dozens of people without having a single scratch on his shirt..hate him~! ^o^

5 color that you like the most

  • black
  • red
  • pink
  • dark green
  • maroon

ouh~this is so simple!

5 color that you dislike the most?

  • light brown
  • orange fluorescent
  • yellow
  • bright green
  • gold

quite simple too~!

5 things that you dream the most

  • rich
  • own a farm house
  • well known
  • successfull
  • a wife
uuu~suddenly there is a farm house in the middle-haha..but i really do want a farm house in England!!

5 things that you not dream at all

  • a house on Mars
  • having Adamantium claws
  • breath in water
  • disabled
  • 4 wives

naaah~absolutely i cannot have 4 wives-it will be a total disaster~ okay, neeexxt~!

5 of your positive character

  • cool
  • relax
  • no hard feeling
  • a giver
  • patient

ouh-‘positive’ is a character too~remember, patience is a virtue!

5 of your negative character

  • handsome
  • no feelings
  • silence
  • unpredictable
  • not giving straight answer

eh-i think this might turns into good things as well if you think positively~haha

5 moments that you miss the most

  • Spain 2006 trip
  • primary school
  • studio
  • final year in university
  • able to talk
i dont remember when exactly i started to talk and thats why i miss it-huhu..

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all

  • err..i forgot..ermm..darn it~i cant remember since i do not want to remember them.
whats with this question?

5 positive characters of your best buddy

  • outgoing
  • funny
  • adorable
  • handful
  • talkative

if you have one of this, then you are my best buddy oke~! ^_^v

5 negative characters of your best buddy

  • lots of questions
  • ignorance
  • sleepy
  • overweight
  • negative

and if you also have one of these, you are my best buddy too!! ^o^

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)

  • final year design thesis
  • football
  • breath
  • draw
  • naked

im not sure of how do i feel if getting naked for most of my life, but i think its kinda cool and sexy~!hahaha

5 things that you regret the most

  • saying the right thing at the right moment
  • being at the right place at the right moment
  • doing the right thing at the right moment
  • not studying all-out for SPM
  • not finishing my breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper
my mom will scold me if i dont finish my meal~huhu
okay~its finished! happy end of April guys~ v(^_^)v

more + mistakes = laugh

yeah~im back! well..Monday is supposed to be a productive day of the week, follwed by Tuesday and Wednesday. waah~i can’t wait for Wednesday! there are three (currently) reasons why i can’t wait for Wednesday to come, 1stly, it is Arsenal vs Man Utd-Champs League match..i hope Arsenal can get some decent result over there and go all the way to bring that silverware home! Go Arsenal~! 2ndly, Wolverine is out~! i have waited so long for this to come..i have to watch it no matter what! Wolverine~snktt~and lastly, it is the end of the month~~and everybody knows what does that means..hehehe..$$$$

oh hey~..this entry is somehow related to the first post~this are taken from various places and spaces where ive been at least is hard-actually to snap the pics ive taken-cuz some of the things are for public (i think all of the are)..heck~nothing can stop me from sharing this with u guys~(sharing IS caring)haha~



whats so se-pecial about your roti john? (it is cooked by m.nasir maybe) ^_^



this one opted to go far from distance of advertising~Black Papper Source? they actually sold food source from paper~hahaha



maybe they are short of supply for ‘K’ font~”xcuse me, may i have a look at that ‘bacpac’?”hehe~



lamanate?what kind of service is this? how does it related to laser printing?umm-maybe they sell lemonade..^_^v~



well~i must say that some peeple are too excited about sumthing-and it looked unfinishd..adding ‘R’ won’t require much from me~hehe

ash deposit

ash deposit

this is the latest~not that i just noticed but this is a better shot than the previous one i took~if you got some ashes and you don’t know where to store them, just use this ‘ash deposit’ machine instead~(that guy must have a lot of ashes in his pocket) v^_^v